Result Published - 1st APCA International Digital Salon 2021.

Association Of Photography And Contemporary Art

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We all started as beginners and through activities like courses, programs, contests, exhibitions, discussions as well as the friendship that have developed, we have enjoyed becoming more skilled in the art of photography. If you are interested in photography, want to learn about photography, want to share your photographic view and knowledge or want to explore your photographic skills then you are at the right place.
A charitable & non-profit organization for the promotion and education of photography - (FIP Affiliated - CM 901)

"Let your words be few and your exposures many"

APCA is a distinctive platform where we all can express our creativity through our photographs. As we believe photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.
APCA is non-profitable and charitable photographic organization that has been setup for all photo enthusiastic people to promote their respective works and to explore this vast universe of fine arts.
In APCA we help you to polish your artistic knowledge in this field through our various courses, training programs and technical workshop activities.

Aims and Objectives

To teach different courses that are related to photography.
To organize outdoor workshops and tours to teach every technical aspects about photography.
To organize exhibitions and competitions for promoting photography.
To organize National and International Salons.
To help aspiring and needy students through scholarships.